Miniature sound installations

Miniature Room

Miniature Room is a sound installation that explores experiences of scale, space, and acoustics. The sound you hear consists of field-recordings of the reverberation within a huge church building. It is being played from a small vibrational speaker attached underneath the middle of the white cardboard, so it fills the small space between the copper pipes – or pillars – and spreads out from there. The closer you place your ear to the space between, or just above, the copper pillars, the more clearly you hear the sound and its original spacial conditions.


Sawed-off Figures

Sawed-off figures is a series of miniature sound sculptures that play the sound of someone sawing off a part of them. It is an exploration of different materials and the sounds they make, and at the same time it is a story about loss. The figures are missing a part of themselves and are constantly reenacting the sound – or cry – of someone violently removing that part of them.


Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion is a miniature sound installation where four phone-sized robots are discussing the climate change, how it affects their daily lives, and the future consequences. It is installed with small stereo speakers behind, so it is up to the audience to connect with the small opinionated robot-figures through their computerized voices. The discussion is based on real interviews with people on the streets.