On Spatial Sound – A film by Ana Amorós López | June 2019. Documentary about the Spatial Sound Institute, featuring Camille Roth and Rebekka Meyers installation

‘On Spatial Sound’ is a 1.5-hour documentary about the Spatial Sound Institute in Budapest and the ongoing research with 4DSOUND technology.  Ana Amorós López follows 14 different projects that took place as part of the Institute’s Artists Residency Programme throughout 2018, including interviews with Camille Roth and Rebekka Meyer about their project Myths of electromagnetism (39-45 min).


Photo by Ana Amorós López

Myths of Electromagnetism – spatial sound installation by Camille Roth and Rebekka Meyer | December 1st 2018 @ 4DSound, Spatial Sound Institute, Budapest

From September 24th – November 11th 2018, Camille Roth was a resident artist at the 4DSound Spatial Sound Institute in Budapest, collaborating with Rebekka Meyer about the project: Myths of Electromagnetism.

The project is an artistic exploration of electromagnetic waves and communication processes, and the ways in which we as humans relate to these phenomena. The work will be presented as a spatial sound installation on December 1st 2018 from 14:00-16:00 and again from 18:00 – 20:00, as part of the two-day event: Inaudible Realities at The Spatial Sound Institute.

For full details about the programme visit the event: Inaudible Realities

Myths of Electromagnetism is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation and 4DSound.


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