Residency @ Lobe Spatial Sound Studio

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From November 8th to December 10th 2021 Camille Roth will be a resident artist at Lobe Spatial Sound Studio, Vancouver, Canada. For five weeks she will conduct some in-depth research into the sensation of touch and materiality in sounds, in relation to electromagnetic wave recordings and the experience of interface, connection and distances in wireless communication processes.

The Residency program is supported by Knud Højgaards Fond, The Danish Art Foundation, SNYK and Danish Composers’ Society.


Camille Roth, Photo by Ana Amorós López, + IAC logo, tykkere streg
Photo by Ana Amorós López

From November 30th – December 20th 2020 Camille Roth will be a resident artist at Inter Arts Center in Malmö, Sweden, developing her project with the working title: Passing Through.

Passing Through: Conducting waves, space and matter’, is a sound installation project that reflects upon the way waves of energy move through and around space and matter. It is an exploration of the relationship between the flow of signals through air, and the materials used for letting certain signals pass though, while filtering or blocking others.

Inspired by her ongoing work with sonification of electromagnetic waves from radio, telephone and Wi-Fi signals, Camille will explore concepts of barriers, connections, interfaces and conducting materials, that shape the way that information flows.

Inter Arts Center is a platform for artistic research and experimentation, and part of the Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts at Lund University.

The project is supported by the Danish Composers’ Society and Kodas Cultural Funds.

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Residency: Postponed

The planned 2020 summer residency at Lobe Spatial Sound Studio in Vancouver, Canada has been postponed until 2021, because of the covid-19 pandemic. More information will follow next year.



Exhibition: Sound Installation

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WE – A group exhibition with sound installation by Camille Roth and visual artworks by Absalon Kirkeby, Fryd Frydendahl and Aušrinė Kurgonaitė – is opening November 29th 2019 at The Package, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Event: Show Opening // WE at 17:00, November 29th

Curator’s introduction in Danish:

Hverdagen, som i hver evig eneste dag, er hos et menneske brolagt med et væld af følelser og situationer der har sit eget liv og tyngde, der ikke bør underkendes af den store verdens historie. Dette dykker udstillingen WE lidt ned i og ser hvad der er, der for enden af det sagte ekko.

De udstillende kunstnere er ///

Absalon Kirkeby,
Camille Roth,
Fryd Frydendahl,
Aušrinė Kurgonaitė

Vi ses på gaden – Iben Langholz, The Package.



Film: On Spatial Sound

From June 2019 you can watch the film: On Spatial Sound by Ana Amorós López – a documentary about the Spatial Sound Institute, featuring Camille Roth and Rebekka Meyers installation project.

‘On Spatial Sound’ on Vimeo is a 1.5-hour documentary about the Spatial Sound Institute in Budapest and the ongoing research with 4DSOUND technology and the ecology of listening. Ana Amorós López follows 14 different projects that took place as part of the Institutes Artist Residency Programme throughout 2018, including interviews with Camille Roth and Rebekka Meyer about their project Myths of Electromagnetism (39-45 min.)



Event: Sound Installation

Photo by Ana Amorós López

Myths of Electromagnetism – a spatial sound installation by Camille Roth and Rebekka Meyer will be presented December 1st 2018 at the 4DSound Spatial Sound Institute, Budapest, Hungary.

The installation presents a sonic interpretation of how electromagnetic waves manifest in the space around us – how they move, behave and affect us. Inspired by how societies have imagined electricity and electromagnetism throughout history, the work deals with the representation as well as the myths and notions on such phenomenon. The installation is the finished result of a seven week residency, where Camille and Rebekka collaborated on the exploration of electromagnetism and spatial sound.

The work will be presented as a sound installation on December 1st 2018 from 14:00-16:00 and again from 18:00-20:00, as part of the two-day event: Inaudible Realities at the Spatial Sound Institute including talks, presentations, installations and concerts.

Myths of Electromagnetism is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation and 4DSound.


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4DSound Symphonic Sound System, Funkhaus, Berlin

From September 24th – November 11th 2018, Camille Roth will be a resident artist at the 4DSound Spatial Sound Institute, collaborating with Rebekka Meyer on the project: Myths of Electromagnetism.

The residency project is an artistic exploration of electromagnetic waves and communication processes, and the ways in which we as humans relate to these phenomena.

The Spatial Sound Institute is a research and development centre for spatial sound technologies and practices based in Budapest, Hungary. The central studio of the Spatial Sound Institute houses a large-scale omnidirectional sound system designed by 4DSOUND, custom-built into the renovated architecture of the warehouse. The unique acoustical design of the studio provides an environment where sounds can move around, above and beneath, hover in the far distance or come intimately close to the body.

The seven week residency will take place in two parts: During the first three weeks, Camille and Rebekka will work in 4DSound Symphonic Sound System in Funkhaus, Berlin, Germany, and during the following four weeks they will further develop their work in The Spatial Sound Institute in Budapest, Hungary.

The residency project Myths of Electromagnetism is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation and 4DSound.