Site-specific sound installations


Frekvensspektrum (frequency spectrum) is a site-specific quadraphonic sound installation, made for the raw basement room of the exhibition space The Package.

Electromagnetic waves from the wireless activity of smart-phones and computers, has been transduced into sound waves, that intertwine with organic field recordings of the flickering sounds that grasshoppers and crickets use to communicate. These two types of sounds from communicative processes in different frequency spectrums, weaving in and out of each other, make up the continuously developing soundscape, that balances between the well-known and relatable, but at the same time slightly unfamiliar combinations.

The raw brick walls of the basement room are covered in the texture of big-squared chicken wire, a material that both encloses, but also lets the air and waves pass though, while subtly hinting at the concept of the metal mesh Faraday cage.

Original length: 15 min. loop. The installation was presented as a part of the group exhibition WE at The Package, Copenhagen, from November 29th throughout December 2019.

About the group exhibition WE

The everyday, as in each and every single day, is for humankind paved with a plenitude of emotions and situations that carries their own life and weight, that should not be undermined by the history of the great world. This is what the group exhibition WE dives into, to see what is there at the end of the quiet echo. – Curators’ note, Iben Langholz, The Package.

The exhibition also included photography and visual artworks by Fryd Frydendahl, Absalon Kirkeby and Aušrinė Kurgonaitė.





Respiration is a site-specific sound installation in Atelier Hotel Pro Forma, created around the idea of an organic membrane. The sound is coming from big stereo speakers behind two layers of semi-transparent fabric, creating a sense of depth, without enabling the audience to see what is behind. The intention with the installation is to provide a sensuous experience of living organic matter – a membrane in human scale, that breathes, by alternating between two types of sound texture: the deep sweltering rumbling, and the sharp and crisp crackling.

In the installation, the two types of sound texture alternate in 90 seconds intervals, a timescale that allows for the audience to move around and relate to the membrane from various distances.

Respiration took place at Atelier Hotel Pro Forma Lounge the 4th of November 2016. Original length 22 min. loop.



Untitled (sound of Literaturhaus)


This site-specific sound installation was developed specifically for the first version of HAUS-Festival – a one-day celebration of the cultural venue Literaturhaus in Copenhagen. The sound installation for Literaturhaus is an exploration of the physical materials of the old church building, and their way of shaping the possible sounds, movements and experiences that unfold in the place.

The sounds are created from field-recordings made within the venue. They alter between performative passages of recorded footsteps, humming-voices and other movements inside the building, and then manipulated passages that explore these sounds and their textual, acoustic and musical qualities in interplay with the space itself. The sound emits from big stereo speakers in each side of the balcony, and can be heard in the entire building, depending on the level of other live activities.

The sound installation for Literaturhaus took place on September 24th, 20016. Original length: 23 min. sound loop.





Hvælving is a site-specific sound installation, developed as a part of Camille Roth’s master thesis project: Auditory staging of environmental experience – an aesthetic intervention in the vertical urban space.

The Hvælving sound installation is an investigation of the auditory urban environment as experienced from the rooftops of Copenhagen. It consists of field-recordings from the original site, edited and manipulated and played back in the same site, to enhance certain aspects of the spatial-auditory surroundings. By focusing on four selected acoustic phenomenon – voices blowing in the air, signals from the ubiquitous wifi-data, the airplane-drones from above and the street-echo from below – the installation invites the listener to relate to the vertical urban surroundings in new ways.

Hvælving took place on Østergro Tagfarm in Copenhagen from September 25th – 27th 2015. Original length: 14 min. sound loop.