About Camille Roth

Camille Roth (born 1990) is a sound artist, based in Copenhagen. Her work mainly consists of  sound installations in various scales, where she explores the relationships that can be created between sounds and objects, places and situations. She often works through manipulation and staging of field-recordings, to create new experiences of textures, body, space and sounds.

Camille Roth has studied interdisciplinary contemporary art, cultural studies, music and sound design. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Aesthetics and Culture from Aarhus University, and a Master’s degree in Modern Culture & Auditory Culture from the University of Copenhagen. She wrote her master’s thesis: Auditory staging of environmental experience – an aesthetic intervention in the vertical urban space, alongside the development of the site-specific sound installation Hvælving on a Copenhagen rooftop in 2015.

During her studies in cross-disciplinary art forms, she developed a high interest in sound art and field-recordings, which set the direction for her current artistic practice. The sound installations by Camille Roth mainly consists of detailed manipulated field-recordings, where organic sounds are being processed into tactile sound textures, and staged spatially, in relation to the body of the listener.

In recent years Camille has focused on the sonification of electromagnetic waves from telephone and Wi-Fi signals, combined with an exploration of spatial sound as a medium – a practice developed through international residencies in Berlin, Budapest, Malmö and Vancouver. Recordings of electromagnetic communication are being manipulated and composed into spatial sound installations, as well as quadraphonic compositions for live performance.


Contact: for collaboration, booking or other enquiries: mail@camilleroth.com

Work in progress photo